Wellfest 2015

Last weekend I went with my friends Anne, Rachel and Lisa to Wellfest. This was its first year and it was great to see the amount of people who flocked to Herbert park to take part. If you were wondering what it was all about I will share a little feel of the day. I think its going to get bigger and better so I will definitely be going back next year.

Two of us were ‘injured’ as such so were hoping there was enough to keep us entertained for the day. While there was i couldn’t help but think if you were able to partake in the fitness activities it would have of course been so much better so perhaps that meant there wasn’t enough to entertain on the mind aspect?  It was still an enjoyable way to spend the day 🙂 Continue reading

Slow and Steady wins the Race… wait.. what race? *sits and looks at rainbow*

This is a catch up post full of pretty summer photos I’ve taken lately. A bit random and colourful like myself 🙂 ok maybe just random..

Here is a view from my lunch time stroll... pretty Magners Orchards

Here is a view from my lunch time stroll… pretty Magners Orchards

Ireland is having weather commitment issues at the moment.. it wants both summer and winter in its life at the same time.. Hence we have been enjoying blasting sun, followed by torrential downpour. This means summer dresses and wet ground…. Continue reading

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks so much to Inari Deigns for the nomination. I am pure chuffed!! Please go check out her page as she would have been top of my nominations!

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award


I started my blog only 4 months ago so it’s actually relatively new. I actually can’t believe I started it so little time ago because I really enjoy it, I feel like ive been doing it a year!

I started it by accident as I posted photos of my friends in an olympic lifting competition as a post on my website and then I decided to keep it as part of my page and include my artwork.

My First Blog Photo.. The lovely Rachel

My First Blog Photo.. The lovely Rachel

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Popcorn Time: Spy

Again a futile attempt to see Mad Max, this time with the lovely Lisa.  IMC had their times  wrong on website. (Honestly the gods do not want me to see Tom Hardy… Whyyyyyy????)

So…we had to choose between Spy and San Andreas.. This one was on first so it won.

Yeay for making the best of things when your film isn’t on for hours, cause this was so funny!

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Liebster Award

Hey Folks,

Hope you are all getting through the week better than my sleepy self is.. its Wednesday Hump day so that’s good 🙂

Weekend, I’m coming for ya!

As I have said before blogging was never part of the main plan for my website.. It was a happy evolution. I kinda thought no one had much of an interest in my ramblings, so its super lovely to know that someone is actually reading.

Thank you to Zoe Behan from DayDreamerChic for the Liebster Award. (yes we have the same surname but we aren’t related… kinda cool as Behan is rare where I’m based so woo hoo nice to find another one 🙂 ha)


This is a great award where you nominate blogs that you enjoy so that we can all support each other and find new blogs to follow. What a great community we have, to show such support!

Basically you answer 11 questions and give your 11 random facts and pay it forward then. Continue reading

Sunny Weekend in Clonmel


View from my Studio

So I am working on private commissions at the moment. Which means, painting and caricature wise I don’t have anything I can share with you all yet. Top secret until weddings are over and paintings are hung. I am super excited about them though they are gonna look great! Continue reading

Saying I Do to staying inspired

My health inspiration

My health inspiration

So I didn’t intend to do any blogs… Who wants to hear my ramblings or see my little drawings? But I was inspired. What are friends for but to keep you on your toes and inspire you? My ladies Lisa and Rachel have lovely wellness/nutrition blogs and I love them. Their blogs are about good food,wellness, health and nutrition and I wait for each post (and photos of food cause I’m an animal) with excitement. Anyone who knows me knows I like to look at photos and recipes of food… especially if there is a chance you are gonna cook it for me, if u are reading this and in the Clonmel area feel free to drop me something nice… :P. Continue reading