Tonal Figure study

A glimmer of light cannot truly be seen without much that is dark, and darkness cannot truly be felt without shadowy forms rising from the blackness. (Anonymous)

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ArtSet App Doodles


I’m having fun this week with my new bamboo stylus that I ordered last week from ebay. Just doodling away before I go to bed and after I’ve caught up with my telly. Currently watching Orphan Black/Nashville/Agents of Shield/Good Wife  what to watch next.. let me know if you have any good recommendations as most of those have hit the finales now.

I am really putting off watching all of Game of Thrones, as I have a tendancy to get obsessed.. lost a week of my life watching 6 seasons of Walking Dead earlier this year and got no sleep/ no painting done hahaha.. issues! Worth it though lol 😛


Fly Away with me…

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