Sunny Weekend in Clonmel


View from my Studio

So I am working on private commissions at the moment. Which means, painting and caricature wise I don’t have anything I can share with you all yet. Top secret until weddings are over and paintings are hung. I am super excited about them though they are gonna look great! Continue reading

Saying I Do to staying inspired

My health inspiration

My health inspiration

So I didn’t intend to do any blogs… Who wants to hear my ramblings or see my little drawings? But I was inspired. What are friends for but to keep you on your toes and inspire you? My ladies Lisa and Rachel have lovely wellness/nutrition blogs and I love them. Their blogs are about good food,wellness, health and nutrition and I wait for each post (and photos of food cause I’m an animal) with excitement. Anyone who knows me knows I like to look at photos and recipes of food… especially if there is a chance you are gonna cook it for me, if u are reading this and in the Clonmel area feel free to drop me something nice… :P. Continue reading