Black and White Challenge Day 1 of 5

Bill.. or Ted?

Bill.. or Ted?

I was nominated by fellow blogger Cynthia M Voss to take part in the Black and White day challenge. EEEKKKK!!!! Disclaimer…Im going to look at this as a bit of fun as I am not a photographer really nor do I usually blog everyday so just bear with me 🙂 If you read my blog you know I live in Colour. I paint the rainbow as they say.. wait is that about skittles maybe its taste the rainbow.. whatever lol..I’ll embrace the black and white should be fun… did i mention eekkkkk Continue reading

Home is where the Dog is… a step by step through my painting of Ruby the cavachon


Ruby meets Ruby :)

Ruby meets Ruby 🙂

This is Ruby. Isnt she a cutie? She is a Cavachon and the most chilled out dog I have met.

Sinead came to me to get a painting of her done for her parents, as they adore their little doggie.

She was struggling to think of what to get them for their anniversary until she saw another dog painting I had done and thought they would love this. Continue reading