Rally Tribute

The Rally car circuit is a big deal around here. Guys love to get in there n join in the races, do up cars and have the craic. Sometimes there are tragic accidents and this painting is a tribute to a man that died doing what he loved, racing. Continue reading

Life Drawing studies…same.. same.. different?

It took me years to understand the magic of drawing. For years, I tried to make things look how they are – instead of being what they are. Drawing is an alchemic language. Some of my favourite drawings I have done with my eyes closed – or so drunk I do not remember making them.
                                                                              -Tracey Emin


Seated Woman, charcoal


Life drawing is fascinating. I know I keep saying this but I just love it. You can put a group of artists around the same figure and there will be that moment at the end where everyone turns their easel around (unless it was just us that did that!?!) and you are looking at totally different paintings.. how can we all see everything so differently?? Continue reading

I wouldn’t have mushroom for that..


Charcoal study

Broccoli: I look like a tree

Walnut: I look like a brain

Mushroom: I look like an umbrella

Banana: Can we change the subject??


Mushroom structure study


Ok on a more artistic note I decided to bring it back to basics. Sometimes you only need something simple to do some really beneficial studies. Here are some I did of mushrooms.  Continue reading

Over The Fence Anniversary (April 2014)

Over the Fence Exhibition

Highland Red, Acylic on Canvas SOLD

Highland Red, Acylic on Canvas SOLD

This time last year I held my first solo exhibition in the Craft Granary in Cahir. I thought id reshare the photos for the you all that haven’t seen them. It was such a great experience for me and I would really recommend it to everyone to break free and go solo at least once! Continue reading

Step by step through a portrait 

I had loads of fun doing this portrait. Part of my process is to take photos on my iPhone throughout my painting. This helps me separate the painting from the surrounding studio and let’s me see how it’s progressing…Just a step up from standing back far away from a painting. Continue reading

Home is where the Dog is… a step by step through my painting of Ruby the cavachon


Ruby meets Ruby :)

Ruby meets Ruby 🙂

This is Ruby. Isnt she a cutie? She is a Cavachon and the most chilled out dog I have met.

Sinead came to me to get a painting of her done for her parents, as they adore their little doggie.

She was struggling to think of what to get them for their anniversary until she saw another dog painting I had done and thought they would love this. Continue reading