Over the Fence Exhibition

Here are a few photos from my exhibition in 2014 in the Craft Granary in Cahir.
The main influence for this solo exhibition ‘Over the Fence’ comes from travelling Asia and Africa and the other outdoor pursuits I have indulged in over the last two years. On these travels I got to be really close to amazing animals such as elephants and zebras. In 2013 I wanted to challenge myself so I signed up for climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa. In the year training for this I spent many mornings climbing Slievenamon mountain or taking long walks in the Comeraghs. What I noticed most about these treks was the amount of times I stopped to take photos of the beautiful scenery or the lovely animals who were poking their heads over the fences or through holes in the bushes. While part of this was an excuse to stop walking.. I found that no matter how sore you are from long walks nothing can make you happy quite like the goofy face of a donkey and nothing can make you move faster than jumping over a fence and being ‘chased’ by cows!! These silly little donkeys and cows gave me just as much joy as the elephants and lions i was lucky to sneak a peek at on safari.

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