Day trip around Belfast city Oct 2015

I’ve never been to Belfast so when I had to go up for work, I made sure to get there early and see the sights. If you follow me on snapchat (artbycam) you may have seen some of these clips or pics. Here is a video of my tourist antics…bit windy  and it erased the sound lol sorry 😛

First thing I do in new city is get on the hop on hop off bus tour.. Even if it’s crap you can get a feel for the city without getting too lost. I went with City Sight seeing Belfast.

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Strolling in Cahir


Need an electric topper!

Need an electric topper!

If I was not drawing last week (can’t reveal any yet) I was walking and enjoying the fresh air. I am getting a bit bored of the same routes so I took myself out to Cahir for a bit of variety.

I thought Id share with you how lovely the town is.  Just a snippet of my walk 🙂 Continue reading

3 day Safari after Kilimanjaro 

As discussed in my previous post, we were fairly exhausted by the time the safari came around. It was an amazing experience of course but it was hard going as it was just myself and Nicola in the jeep from early morning to late evening being thrown around all day.

We were hoping for some other people to be included so that we could chat and swap stories. After all we had spend all week in a tent together too so if you are booking it I would say see if you can join other groups. Continue reading

Blog Awards Ireland 2015

Hey everyone

Public voting for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 is open now today @4pm. I’ve been shortlisted for the best Arts and Culture Blog! 

I would be so delighted if you could take a few seconds (literally) and vote for my little page 🙂

Best Art and Culture Blog:

Thank you so much 

Carmel x

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks so much to Inari Deigns for the nomination. I am pure chuffed!! Please go check out her page as she would have been top of my nominations!

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award


I started my blog only 4 months ago so it’s actually relatively new. I actually can’t believe I started it so little time ago because I really enjoy it, I feel like ive been doing it a year!

I started it by accident as I posted photos of my friends in an olympic lifting competition as a post on my website and then I decided to keep it as part of my page and include my artwork.

My First Blog Photo.. The lovely Rachel

My First Blog Photo.. The lovely Rachel

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Sunshine, Flower Power, Avocado and Eggs

I am quiet on the art posts at the moment as I am doing some commissions and I can’t be posting them before they are gifted by the buyer or seen by the owner… as much as I want to 🙂

However if you are following me on instagram you will have seen the lovely weather we are having at the moment. I said I’d update those of ye that aren’t instagrammers 🙂


It’s so nice that one could almost call it summer 😛 shhhhh don’t say that out loud or the rain will come… eeek Continue reading

Instagram.. instant connection :)

Just a little reminder to let me know if you are on Instagram.

If you are an artist (or whatever you do) it’s a great addition to your blog as most people find it so much easier to pop up a quick photo of what they are doing/ working on than a blog post.

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Liebster Award

Hey Folks,

Hope you are all getting through the week better than my sleepy self is.. its Wednesday Hump day so that’s good 🙂

Weekend, I’m coming for ya!

As I have said before blogging was never part of the main plan for my website.. It was a happy evolution. I kinda thought no one had much of an interest in my ramblings, so its super lovely to know that someone is actually reading.

Thank you to Zoe Behan from DayDreamerChic for the Liebster Award. (yes we have the same surname but we aren’t related… kinda cool as Behan is rare where I’m based so woo hoo nice to find another one 🙂 ha)


This is a great award where you nominate blogs that you enjoy so that we can all support each other and find new blogs to follow. What a great community we have, to show such support!

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Sunny Weekend in Clonmel


View from my Studio

So I am working on private commissions at the moment. Which means, painting and caricature wise I don’t have anything I can share with you all yet. Top secret until weddings are over and paintings are hung. I am super excited about them though they are gonna look great! Continue reading

Over The Fence Anniversary (April 2014)

Over the Fence Exhibition

Highland Red, Acylic on Canvas SOLD

Highland Red, Acylic on Canvas SOLD

This time last year I held my first solo exhibition in the Craft Granary in Cahir. I thought id reshare the photos for the you all that haven’t seen them. It was such a great experience for me and I would really recommend it to everyone to break free and go solo at least once! Continue reading