Day trip around Belfast city Oct 2015

I’ve never been to Belfast so when I had to go up for work, I made sure to get there early and see the sights. If you follow me on snapchat (artbycam) you may have seen some of these clips or pics. Here is a video of my tourist antics…bit windy  and it erased the sound lol sorry 😛

First thing I do in new city is get on the hop on hop off bus tour.. Even if it’s crap you can get a feel for the city without getting too lost. I went with City Sight seeing Belfast.

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Studio Trois exhibition in Clonmel library open 28th Sept-2nd Oct

I wanted to get a quick post in to tell you to get into Clonmel Library to have a look at this weeks exhibition.

Marie Claire Keague, Jaqueline Bates-Gartlan and Marine Comperatore Kearney are three Clonmel based artists and their first group exhibition opened last night and it’s only open until the 2nd of October. I loved it so don’t miss it! Continue reading

Finalist in Irish Blog Awards

So delighted to be a finalist in the Irish Blog awards! 

I was amazed to make the long list so I can’t believe I made it through the short list and now into finals! How cool! 🙂 pure chuffed!! 

This wouldn’t be possible without all you lovely people that pop by and give me your support or my fellow bloggers who inspire me daily 🙂 

What a lovely boost! This means somebody is reading right??? Hahaha


Cam x 


Wellfest 2015

Last weekend I went with my friends Anne, Rachel and Lisa to Wellfest. This was its first year and it was great to see the amount of people who flocked to Herbert park to take part. If you were wondering what it was all about I will share a little feel of the day. I think its going to get bigger and better so I will definitely be going back next year.

Two of us were ‘injured’ as such so were hoping there was enough to keep us entertained for the day. While there was i couldn’t help but think if you were able to partake in the fitness activities it would have of course been so much better so perhaps that meant there wasn’t enough to entertain on the mind aspect?  It was still an enjoyable way to spend the day 🙂 Continue reading

Kilimanjaro; reaching the top of Africa


All the group at the top- 100% sucess rate

This time two years ago I was on an adventure climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I thought I’d bring you back with me as I explain what the whole experience was like. I know people toy with the idea of doing it and then chicken out but it really was an amazing experience and something I will always be proud of. Continue reading

Blog Awards Ireland 2015

Hey everyone

Public voting for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 is open now today @4pm. I’ve been shortlisted for the best Arts and Culture Blog! 

I would be so delighted if you could take a few seconds (literally) and vote for my little page 🙂

Best Art and Culture Blog:

Thank you so much 

Carmel x

Slow and Steady wins the Race… wait.. what race? *sits and looks at rainbow*

This is a catch up post full of pretty summer photos I’ve taken lately. A bit random and colourful like myself 🙂 ok maybe just random..

Here is a view from my lunch time stroll... pretty Magners Orchards

Here is a view from my lunch time stroll… pretty Magners Orchards

Ireland is having weather commitment issues at the moment.. it wants both summer and winter in its life at the same time.. Hence we have been enjoying blasting sun, followed by torrential downpour. This means summer dresses and wet ground…. Continue reading