Life Drawing studies…same.. same.. different?

It took me years to understand the magic of drawing. For years, I tried to make things look how they are – instead of being what they are. Drawing is an alchemic language. Some of my favourite drawings I have done with my eyes closed – or so drunk I do not remember making them.
                                                                              -Tracey Emin


Seated Woman, charcoal


Life drawing is fascinating. I know I keep saying this but I just love it. You can put a group of artists around the same figure and there will be that moment at the end where everyone turns their easel around (unless it was just us that did that!?!) and you are looking at totally different paintings.. how can we all see everything so differently?? Continue reading

I wouldn’t have mushroom for that..


Charcoal study

Broccoli: I look like a tree

Walnut: I look like a brain

Mushroom: I look like an umbrella

Banana: Can we change the subject??


Mushroom structure study


Ok on a more artistic note I decided to bring it back to basics. Sometimes you only need something simple to do some really beneficial studies. Here are some I did of mushrooms.  Continue reading

Back to the start..


This year I made a promise to myself to get back to more figure work. I’m lucky to have some really brave friends, so I spent a few hours drawing my friend Lisa, who was good enough to pose. She got to lay out and watch some modern family, while I got to draw!

Continue reading