Liebster Award

Hey Folks,

Hope you are all getting through the week better than my sleepy self is.. its Wednesday Hump day so that’s good 🙂

Weekend, I’m coming for ya!

As I have said before blogging was never part of the main plan for my website.. It was a happy evolution. I kinda thought no one had much of an interest in my ramblings, so its super lovely to know that someone is actually reading.

Thank you to Zoe Behan from DayDreamerChic for the Liebster Award. (yes we have the same surname but we aren’t related… kinda cool as Behan is rare where I’m based so woo hoo nice to find another one 🙂 ha)


This is a great award where you nominate blogs that you enjoy so that we can all support each other and find new blogs to follow. What a great community we have, to show such support!

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“Ladies of the Manor”

If you have a minute , have a read of my friend Lisa’s blog. Along with covering bits of our lovely trip to Adare it touches on wellness. Wellness is something that is becoming extremely important in my life. In fact it is one of the reasons I do my blog. Trying to be honest with myself and consciously live the life i want, is what I want 2015 (and the rest of my life) to be about! Here’s to Wellanicity xxx


“Wellness is living your life very consciously, in ways that enhance your health and well-being.”


Lisa at Tea

That statement seems pretty ok doesn’t it? Easy to follow! Basically its saying that you make conscious decisions to actively live a good healthy life.

Turn back the clock, a year, even six months and I would have said that I was leading a healthy, well life. I had a good job, great friends, I exercised the whole time and I ate well. What I wasn’t aware of, was that there were aspects of my life that weren’t as successful, or whole, and instead of travelling along a smooth road, it was in fact a lot more bumpy than I had originally thought.

One of the things that seemed to become a lot more apparent was that I wasn’t spending enough time having fun. How did I figure that out? Well not on my own anyhow, a Reiki practitioner…

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Banana Bread Heaven

Don’t worry, I’m going to stick to being an artist, Im not a baker..I love me some good food but I am no a great chef. If I can make something that tastes nice I had to share as that means it’s fool proof 🙂  Continue reading