Day trip around Belfast city Oct 2015

I’ve never been to Belfast so when I had to go up for work, I made sure to get there early and see the sights. If you follow me on snapchat (artbycam) you may have seen some of these clips or pics. Here is a video of my tourist antics…bit windy  and it erased the sound lol sorry 😛

First thing I do in new city is get on the hop on hop off bus tour.. Even if it’s crap you can get a feel for the city without getting too lost. I went with City Sight seeing Belfast.

tourist and her map

Europa no 9 YOU ARE HERE CAM!

first sight beside bus :p

Belfast isn’t huge so they don’t run as regular as you would be used to but it does the job!

This is Ireland, it was windy but thankfully not wet..well mostly. First stop was the Titanic experience… This is a must see, Especially if you have little ones.

Titanic tea

scones and Jam nommm

I didn’t realise it was mid term so there were lots of kids and it was busy but still loads to read and see. There is a little ship yard ride that’s nicely done.. The cafe serves lovely tea and food which comes in vintage titanic style delph, Nice touch! Even made me,the non tea drinker, give in and have a sup.

view from the top

love the posters!!

amazing this ride is still working since Titanic lol

I did have one man ask me how it had the exhibit had kept so well since they built Titanic and how was it all still working??!? Am they didn’t have exhibitions and fake shipyard rides back in titanic days.. Lord above man!!! Lol there are always the mad folk…

Next stop was the Botanic gardens which were so lovely, I’d say they are smashing in summer. As it was you had the beautiful colourful trees to admire, along with glasshouses and rose gardens.

just sweeping the grass…

You all know my obsession with trees.. It’s not going anywhere! I hopped back on the bus and we went through Stormont, found out more about CS Lewis who grew up in Belfast.

the balls in the falls lol

We then went to see the peace walls. To be honest I didn’t realise how ignorant I was of what was still happening in certain parts of Belfast, they still lock security gates in certain areas each night.

But I suppose the troubles are not so far in the past. The art work is beautiful and moving and is well worth seeing.

This wonderful artwork is not only limited to the peace walls. As I found out on my walk around the city.. It pops up everywhere. You turn a corner and bam you are greeted by a masterpiece. I loved it!

Why was I wondering the streets, well my friends Lisa (wellanicity) and Rachel (The Wholesome Nut) recommended a little cafe Established coffee so I searched it out. They had a lovely breakfast there… It looked so nice I wanted some.. Follow them on Instagram.. Yum.

Now I don’t know what happened as I was really hungry, but I panicked and just ordered a brownie and tea… I don’t even drink tea! But the brownie was amazing so silver linings lol

tea and brownie in established cafe

I only had the one day to be a tourist so that all I fit in, I’d love to give it more time. Belfast is an interesting city. It’s not the most traditionally beautiful and its history is still raw.

I stayed in the Europa, first thing people said to me was… You know that’s the most bombed hotel in Europe??? But in my opinion the people were friendly, the city was chilled , the art was beautiful, the Europa was amazing.. And that brownie… drool

I’ll be back!

Cam x

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