Popcorn Time: Suffragette Movie Review

Sometimes you have to psyche yourself up to see a film.. I was feeling like this for Suffragette, I knew it had a stellar cast but I didn’t want to be depressed and it looked heavy going. I was pleasantly surprised, I really enjoyed this film.

Suffragette tells the story of a group of East London women who chose to become part of the Suffragette movement. The cast is amazing.. check out these names

Cast: Carey Mulligan,Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Marie Duff, Meryl Streep, Brendan Gleeson, Ben Whishaw

Running time: 1hr 46 mins

Cert: 12A

Suff 3

This moving story focuses on Maud who works in a laundry. She is secretly pulled into the Suffragette movement lead by Streep’s Pankhurst. I love period dramas but a lot of the time they can be stiff and romantic.

suff 5

This one is powerful and touching and draws you into the heart of the movement and helps you understand why these women were willing to risk their lives to fight for the future of those that were to follow them. Nothing is so scary and determined as a woman fighting for her children, this film hammers that point home.

Suff 4

Gleeson plays the law man, who is tracking this movement. Standing on the sidelines watching these women get beat down and brutalised he is not a likeable character as such. That is whats good about this film, no one is perfect especially not the men.

suff 7


Bonham Carter is as always the Queen of the period drama, but she is eclipsed by Mulligan who is great.  Streep is barely in it so lets not focus on her too much. This film aims to dramatise, educate and entertain.. it’s a movie after all so that’s ok with me. I left the movie feeling inspired to find out more. I wanted to look up these people and find out their stories. It also made me think more about all the women around the world who continually fight these causes.

suff 6

Review: This film is gonna make you think, that’s not a bad thing as it does it in an entertaining and passionate way. The setting is beautiful, the story is worthy. one to watch.

Rating 3.5/5

Did you go see it? Let me know what you think? Downton with a bit of dirt and passion 🙂

Cam x

images courtsey of IMDB and Wikipedia


One thought on “Popcorn Time: Suffragette Movie Review

  1. Romster says:

    While the existence of a film like Suffragette reminds us of the revolution’s origins, and that we’re still fighting the battle for equal pay today, it’s the actual history behind the heroic movement that’s more affecting than the sum of Suffragette itself. That’s disappointing to admit for a film made by women, starring a cast of great women that’s about women. If anything, maybe Suffragette will inspire more people to read Jennifer Lawrence‘s essay on the Hollywood pay gap and incite more change 🙂


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