Doodle fail 

This last weekend I stayed in Monart with my friends from school. yes we are still friends.. getting on now 😛 Its a long time since school ha

We spent two nights lazing about getting massages and relaxing. It was pure heaven. On one of these days relaxing I had my iPad out reading a book on my Kindle. I got bored and decided to doodle on my art set app. This is the catastrophe that happens when you have no stylus, no plan and are too comatose to function. Needless to say i gave up after 10 mins and admitted failure. Way to easy to do when the Thermal suites are calling. Haha

I thought id share the ‘fail’ with ye as it’s still nice and colourful and who needs to post perfect pictures all the time?? I’m used to an epic fail or two. Maybe I will attempt this again this week and we can see what way it turns out when I am committed 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Below is a sneak of our Trip. My phone stayed mostly in my room so I didn’t take much photos. But it was amazing. Afternoon tea, amazing food, all day in your robes, facials, massages, thermal suites. It’s pure heaven.. grab your girls or significant other and book in pronto. They have great deals. It may seem deal but you get top quality service, accommodation and food.

But clearly I left my art zen at home. Maybe I was too relaxed to channel that artistic angst that artist seem to need 😛


4 thoughts on “Doodle fail 

  1. Tracy Bezesky says:

    At least you had a great time with your friends! But I under stand your frustration, I’ve been there too! The hardest art for me, is painting and drawing without a plan, or intuitive painting. I have too many notions and expectations that I can’t let go of about what my art should be. The IPad helps in that I know I’m not wasting materials and I can just doodle. Hope you find that elusive vision!
    Maybe you should blur that picture and bring it back to the simple shapes, which are good, and build on it again? When you have your stylus of course. Have you ever tried a brush stylus? I love them!

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