Studio Trois exhibition in Clonmel library open 28th Sept-2nd Oct

I wanted to get a quick post in to tell you to get into Clonmel Library to have a look at this weeks exhibition.

Marie Claire Keague, Jaqueline Bates-Gartlan and Marine Comperatore Kearney are three Clonmel based artists and their first group exhibition opened last night and it’s only open until the 2nd of October. I loved it so don’t miss it!


First thing that struck me about the exhibition is the vibrant colours. You all know I love bright happy paintings and these are all exactly to my tastes! Colour, nature, vibrant… Love 🙂


There are a few pieces that I wanted to walk out the door with straight away. Great to see so many red dots too. I loved them all but especially this one, it’s big and so beautiful, I just love it- I can imagine sitting here…smelling the flowers. I can see it hanging in my room across from my favourite rose piece!

The paintings all work together beautifully as a whol, they all flow beautifully.

The library space is just lovely since they painted the red brick and there is beautiful light in there to appreciate these colourful pieces in all their glory!


Absolutely amazing exhibition, please take a few minutes to pop in for a look as its only open for a week and you can’t miss it!

I’ve only snapped a couple of the paintings to give you a taster, get in and see them all they are fantastic!

Great work ladies! I’m tres jealous 🙂

Cam x


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