Everest Movie Review

If a film starts with ‘based on a true story’ you know it’s not gonna be the most cheerful of films. Everest is a film by Baltasar Kormakur based on the tragic events following a freak storm on Everest when Rob Hall lead a group of climbers to the highest point on Earth.

Cast:Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Robin Wright, Emily Watson, Kiera Knightly, Sam Worthington, Jake Gyllenhaal

Running time 2 Hrs 30 mins

Everest Poster

Everest Poster

This is a loonnnggg film, go to the toilet at the start or you will be like me, be bursting and trying not to miss anything exciting! Sign of a good film 🙂 And that’s what this is, a good film!

I am going to start with a disclaimer. Jon Krakauer (played by Michael Kelly in the film) said in this Guardian article that the film was ‘total bull’ and that if we wanted real facts to read his book ‘Into Thin Air’

Well Jon, I don’t really care if this is 100% fact its still a great watch… but I’ve download yur book after watching it so win win. After all we must remember this isn’t a documentary, its a moved thats ‘based on true events’


It annoys me that some of the best actors in the film don’t get main billing Kelly, as Krakauer was great. Who was fantastic as well was Hawkes as Doug Hansen.

There was so many amazing performances in this, mainly Clarke as Hall. just loved him in this! Very moving! Thanks to IMDB for all the deets! Are you like me- is that app a go to on your phone to figure out where you know the faces from?

I remember from my little trek up Kilimanjaro (yes I will live off that FOREVER) the stinging pain in my hands from the cold so I was cringing at points where their skin was exposed and getting frost bite.  This film is making me want to trek to Everest Base camp! lol

Before you ask...I did not go see this just for the beard love!

Before you ask…I did not go see this just for the beard love!

When you leave this film it really sticks with you. What makes someone leave their family behind on a potentially fatal climb? Are they insane? selfish? courageous? To be honest I am not quite sure. This film doesn’t try to answer those questions, I don’t think anyone can but it does take you along for the ride.

This film made me want to watch Pat Falveys film The Summit again. If you haven’t watched it, check it out.  


Whyyyyyy would you try cross this!?!?!

Whyyyyyy would you try cross this!?!?!

Review: Great film, nail-biting stuff in parts . Easy to watch even if it is quite long. It’s slow-paced, which I thought worked well as that’s how everything moves on Everest. But then when the storm comes it gets quite tense. May not be fast paced enough for everyone but I enjoyed it.




Cam x


Photos thanks to IMDB, People and Den Geek





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