Derek Doyle caricature

It’s not often I get to sneak a photo of the subject of my drawing! I am usually not there or I don’t want to hassle people for a photo. But yesterday we had a leaving do in Bulmers for the lovely Derek Doyle.

tanks, crushing apples and process machines.. thats the technial name hahahaha

tanks, crushing apples and process machines.. thats the technial name hahahaha

Derek has worked in the company for 25 years and we wanted to make sure he had a little memento of his time here. It was funny everyone trying to sneak a photo of him in work but in the end I managed to track down one from a sports and social santa party.

Best of luck Derek!

Best of luck Derek!

Derek worked in processing. This means that he was involved in crushing those big batches of apples and using all his cider wisdom to turn it into that yummy cider we know and love.

i was messing here whoops!!

Derek we will miss you loads here!! Best of luck in the future! Here’s to the leaving party 🙂

If you are interested in a caricature for an occasion like this. Check out my caricature tab or email me for more info 🙂

Cam x

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