Wellfest 2015

Last weekend I went with my friends Anne, Rachel and Lisa to Wellfest. This was its first year and it was great to see the amount of people who flocked to Herbert park to take part. If you were wondering what it was all about I will share a little feel of the day. I think its going to get bigger and better so I will definitely be going back next year.

Two of us were ‘injured’ as such so were hoping there was enough to keep us entertained for the day. While there was i couldn’t help but think if you were able to partake in the fitness activities it would have of course been so much better so perhaps that meant there wasn’t enough to entertain on the mind aspect?  It was still an enjoyable way to spend the day 🙂

If you were following me on Snapchat (@artbycam) you would have seen live videos from the day. We got loads of freebies and tasters which is always great, below is a photo I ‘borrowed’ of some from Rachels instagram- give her a follow for some yummy healthy foodporn! 😛 She is great for food ideas, I’ve picked her brains on the regular over the last month or so!

We enjoyed a very funny cookery demo from The Happy Pear. The Happy Pear cook book was the first healthy one I ever bought. Along with yum recipes its tells their backstory and has lovely sunrise photos of Greystones too so I love them.

The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear

They have great recipes (even if you aren’t a vegan or veggie- I’m not!) its a lovely book. You can order it from their shop on the website and they sign it too which is great.

Their cookery demo was very funny (though I think for next year the organisers could maybe have some screens set up and it would make their job easier. ) They made Chicken Pad Thai and Banana bread. Must try these they smelled great! Honestly obsessed with Banana bread.. here is my way less healthy favourite

If the event got even bigger I would think having more good food nutrition talks and more workshop cooking demos would be a  great hit. I mean even smaller ones you could book into if that makes sense.

Timetable of the day from www.wellfest.ie

Timetable of the day from http://www.wellfest.ie

Our ladies Rachel and Anne took part in the ‘Animal flow’ with Richard Scrivener which they loved and recommended. Apparantly they are only training people now to teach it in Ireland, so expect to hear about it more next year!

Myself and Lisa stood by watching them contort themselves… until the free samples of Glenisk yogurts distracted us.. Mega yum! Meant I had Glenisk on the brain and had to try a smoothie… behold this Mango niceness!



With stoooopid vertigo unfortunately I couldn’t risk any of the classes but I did take part in the foam rolling class and it was great! painful but great 🙂 it’s so good to get the chance to have a master instructing you.

Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling

We popped into to Mari Kennedy’s talk on mindfulness and meditation. My kinda talk as I lay on the grass taking it all in.  I am loving the concept of mindfulness and its so exciting to me to see all the Irish people at this event embracing the mental health as well as the physical.  What I didn’t realise when i was listening to her is that he actually runs the Yoga retreats I had looked up before. A retreat in the Burren enjoying meditation and yoga.. how amazing does that sound???

She taught us ,as much as she could in 20 min, about breathing and centering yourself to experience the moment as it is and to not to let your brain be over come with random anxieties.

I really liked this idea, I definitely want to find out more, if anyone has any good book recommendations or anything on mindfulness please let me know 🙂

Me and Anne listening to nutrition talks

Me and Anne listening to nutrition talks

As you walked around the site you were surrounded by people taking part in the free exercises classes especially the ones on the main stage. It’s amazing to see so many people jumping about and getting their sweat on! I was very jealous next year! 😦

Body pump i think this was! all looked like varieties of aerobics to me but looked like fun!

Body pump i think this was! all looked like varieties of aerobics to me but looked like fun!

We were blessed with the weather.. what are the odds of it not raining in Ireland!??! Phew!!

My friend was telling me that she has been to these kind of things abroad.. she said they can go on for days and you would have enough activities to keep you entertained every day. I don’t think Wellfest was 100% there this year but I think it gave it a good shot and will learn from any of the little teething things. I am looking forward to doing the classes in TRX and the animal flow next year!

Sitting on the grass :)

Sitting on the grass 🙂

Best talk of the day was from Bressie. His talk really touched a lot of people. I have heard some of his story before and its great to see Irish men in sport and music like him talk so openly. I am after ordering his book ‘Me and my mate Jeffery’ as I think it will be a great read. Lisa has a lovely post on his talk here.

Things I think they can improve on:

  • More workshops
  • More food stands
  • More coffee stands (there was only one and we went outside to Rolys bistro to get ours)
  • Screens for cookery demos
  • More food and nutrition talks
  • Maybe offer quick massages etc
  • More fitness gear from Nike, Reebok that kind of thing (i think they were trying to keep it more local though so maybe that was the case??)

Overall though it was a great success and I have only heard positive things from the day. I think as suppliers and food start ups realise how many people turned up they will be more and more willing to support this great event. Personally I can’t wait for next year now 🙂

If you have been to anything like this I would love to hear more! Delighted Ireland is catching up


Cam x


4 thoughts on “Wellfest 2015

  1. Lisa says:

    Great review of the day. It was very well run with load of interesting speakers, I totally agree with your points above and I think for me I was particularly disappointed with the food and coffee options, as you mentioned Roly’s around the corner had cheaper and better quality options but onwards and upwards.

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