3 day Safari after Kilimanjaro 

As discussed in my previous post, we were fairly exhausted by the time the safari came around. It was an amazing experience of course but it was hard going as it was just myself and Nicola in the jeep from early morning to late evening being thrown around all day.

We were hoping for some other people to be included so that we could chat and swap stories. After all we had spend all week in a tent together too so if you are booking it I would say see if you can join other groups.

Yes we climbed this!!!

Yes we climbed this!!!

Our guide was really lovely but perhaps he felt under pressure to be a guide non stop and would wake us up to see random birds or trees. Do you know how tired you have to be to fall asleep on the long journey on these terrible roads 😛 Of course this was ok once or twice to be woke, but after three days there is only so excited you can get when you are running on empty and have to peer at a tree looking for a bird lol

Again bare in mind we were after climbing Kilimanjaro so we were hanging with the tiredness. The Ngorogoro crater was amazing and we saw so many fantastic things there that the day there itself would have been enough and we should have stayed and chilled for the other two. Now this would be a different story I’m sure if you had rested or were coming here just for safari.

Tanzania is truely beautiful! Bring a big ass camera and click away at all the beauty, just get rest before 🙂 Here are some pics from my iPhone! Look at the amazing colours! Oh let me back 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

Cam x

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