Popcorn Time: Song of the Sea

Last week I had the week off work so I decided to take a trip to see the new Irish animation film Song of the Sea. I wrote up my review and in my lazy holiday mode I forgot to press publish (my bad) so here it is..  😛

My sister and our two little hijacked friends of 8 and 10 years old joined us, Ellen and Fionn. (I don’t always rob children for kids movies I swear haha) To be honest I probably wouldn’t have went to see this without little Ellen wanting to see it.

Rating : PG

Run time: 1hr 33 mins




Ellen goes to a Gaelscoil which means she learns through the Irish  language. Pretty cool to watch it with her as she was real familiar with all the tales it was based on. I think my brain has forgotten them all since I left school… to my shame she was also translating some of the names like the doggies name Cu means Dog in Gaelic.. I am forgetting all my Irish.. shame on me!

Cutest Dog! Thanks to Cartoon Saloon

Cutest Dog! Thanks to Cartoon

If you are Irish.. this only seems to be in cinema now but has been out since December in America… that’s odd but lucky us to be able to see in cinema now..

Saoirse in Seal Cave

Saoirse in Seal Cave

It is a film by the makers of 2009 Book of Kells. It tells the story of Ben and his little sister Saoirse. I don’t know why I wasn’t pushed about seeing it, I think maybe I am so used to the razzle dazzle of Pixar and Disney movies that i thought an old-fashioned hand drawn animation wouldn’t be as interesting. Well boy was I wrong. This film is so BEAUTIFUL.

Saoirse, thanks to Cartoon Saloon

Saoirse, thanks to Cartoon Saloon


Visually every single scene is like a painting. You could take every single second and frame it. The simplicity of the characters features is made magical by all the detail in their surrounding. Breathtaking talents!

Ben meets the Great Seanachai

Ben meets the Great Seanachai


On top of all this you have Irish folklore full of fairies, witches and danger all told in a really funny manner. However it has its emotional parts which are handled so well.

Ben Character- Thanks to Cartoon Saloon

Ben Character- Thanks to Cartoon Saloon


I would be interested to see how people from other countries follow it. I was kind of familiar with some of the stories and songs. (Ellen helped enlighten me on more hodden gems in it ha) It’s very exciting to hear sayings that you use regularly in a film. Such a kick to hear a character say ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph’ when they are giving out. Fionn particularly liked when they said ‘dont get snot all over it’ haha

Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea


Review: I really liked this film and it was a real hit with all of us so that’s from 8-35 haha its suitable for all ages. Drawing is amazing and the music is so beautiful and we were singing some of the songs all the day after it 🙂

Rating: 5/5

It’s summer holidays and I know ye are bored so grab the kids and head to it. Get a bit of folklore in before Pixar film Inside Out comes out next week! see if you can spot the hidden gems and let me know what you think of it! 🙂

Happy Popcorn time!

Cam x


Saoirse discovers her coat

Saoirse discovers her coat


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