Collaboration with Inari Designs- Owl Painting Reveal

I am a big fan of the lovely Inari Designs. Check her out she is awesome!

On one of our many chats over blogs I saw she had collaborated with another artist on working from a painting. Great Idea i though! I’m in. I have never painted a bird before so we picked out this lovely Owl photo and today is where we both reveal our finished painting…

Finished piece

Finished piece


I did my little fluffy feathered mister on art set app. It was the first longer painting that I have done on it besides my self portrait which was charcoal and I REALLY enjoyed it.

But it wasnt without its drama. I don’t know if this has ever happened anyone using a painting tablet before but I clicked into another app and it deleted my whole painting. WAHHHHHHHHH

I had done about an hour of work on it and to say my lip wobbled a bit is an understatement. But I had committed to the reveal so I sucked it up and restarted it. So glad I did. I really learned a lot about the mediumswith the longer time and learning to layer with less paint on the brush. So I am really glad I did this challenge. I had been painting all day on an canvas so I was glad to try it on the artset app. This has really confirmed my love for the app and digital drawing.  It can be tedious and if you are like me you enjoy zooming in and working on details in a manner you can only do on larger paintings. I am getting this one printed up and framed. I love this little fluff ball.

If anyone is ever interested in a group collaboration just let us know.. could be fun.. like moment in art class where everyone turns over the easels but world-wide-ish 🙂

Thanks Inari!! Hope you all like my little man I called him Ollie the Owl hahaha


Check out Inaris Owl Painting here 🙂




15 thoughts on “Collaboration with Inari Designs- Owl Painting Reveal

  1. inari says:

    Wow wow wow… is all I can say. Ollie looks AMAZING. I’m sorry to hear about the mishap with the application- but this version of him is great. I love how you even got his feet in there (I totally ran out of space on the page) and the depth you create around his eyes/beak is really nice. He definitely deserves a space on the wall. Thanks for the team up – I really enjoyed it. ps. For your first bird…. I think you should be doing more of them they really suit your style 😀

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    • Cam (ArtbyCarmelBehan) says:

      You know what i actually thought the same i dunno why i never do more. i actually really enjoyed the bird. oh i didnt fit the feet in as well on the first one Inari so it was perhaps a good thing as i had to readjust him a bit on the second (i can look back now and see that but at the time i was like GRRRRR) it was so lovely to join up! love it. and loved seeing how you did yours too. the detail on his face was spot on and so crisp i just loved it 🙂 defo must do this again!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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