The Scarlet Deep Book Review

I know I know I am technically an ‘art’ page… but who am I too restrict myself, after all writing is art. I am a big reader and my favourite author is Elizabeth Hunter. I am a HUGE fan and I have read her Elemental books a few times.. yes I am a serial re-reader of books.

I follow Elizabeth’s Facebook page and she put up a post for Irish folks to be beta readers for her new novel set in Ireland so obviously I jumped at the chance. So exciting!! So that’s how I got to be one of the lucky people to read an Arc of the book.

Love, Action, Vampires…. Ireland 😛

The Scarlet Deep

The Scarlet Deep


Firstly.. can we stop to say how much I love the cover??? How beautiful is this.. yes the artist in me judges a book by the cover..just a book I swear lol 😛

Did you ever imagine what the book you wrote would look like.. If you check out any of Elizabeths covers you can see why I was pulled into her world by the covers alone. Luckily the writing kept me coming back for more! Oh to be able to write dreams

I’ll stick to painting for now 🙂

thescribe_ebook1   the-elemental-mysteries-1-hi-res   shifting-dreams-cover

The Scarlet Deep brings us to back to Ireland to delve into the life of Patrick Murphy and Anne O’Dea. It tells the story of their love and their checkered past of betrayal and heartache. Did you every wonder why Anne retreated to heal immortals in the back arse of nowhere (though the west of Ireland is gorgeous 😛 ) …Well this book fills in questions you didn’t know you even had and pushes the stories of this world even further.

We pick up where Murphy is trying to sort out the Elixir and Anne is thrown in to help. That damn elixir! Poor Anne.. nothing worse than having to deal with an ex but if ones as fine as Murphy it surely can’t be too bad.. will she cope? will she be able to deal with seeing the man who broke her heart?… and what other secrets is she keeping… still waters run deep that’s for sure. She is full of surprises 🙂 I am not going to go into a long summary of the book. Just to tell you I loved it!

Start with this one :)

Start with this one 🙂


Check out Elizabeths much better discription of the book here.. There is a reason she is the writer lol

The book will be enjoyable by itself BUT to get the most out of it I would really recommend that you read the whole Elemental Mysteries  series first… sure and while your at it the other Elemental World novels..

For two reasons..

1) They are bloody epic and I feel sad that you have not read them

2) All these characters and their interactions will be so much more fun when you know all the back stories.

But it’s not necessary, as it stands alone as a great read..this book is full of action, adventure, romance, gloom, excitement, secrets, political games… It had an added bit of special to me of course as a lot of it takes place in Ireland in places I feel I know well.

What I love about this book is that, even though you have cameos from Brigid and Carwyn, it is branching out into a further range of characters from the Elemental World.

You get a hint of new people’s lives and you think.. eeekkkk.. I hope she tells their story!

Brigid and Carwyns Story.

Brigid and Carwyns Story.


The minute I finished it I was sad that I had to wait til the next one to jump back into the world. I am almost jealous of those of you that haven’t read her books as you can do my favourite thing.. book binge marathon! Get on it 🙂

Thanks so much to Elizabeth for giving me the chance to read it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Nothing like a bit of fun, sexy romance to kick off the summer in Ireland. (ok its a bit cloudy out now but it’s not raining.. that’s summer here 😛 )

Ben and Tenzin's novella.. come on the full story!!!

Ben and Tenzin’s novella.. come on the full story!!!

Am I the only one waiting a waiting for Ben and Tenzins story.. ever since the Bronze Blade!

Let me know if you have read any of her books or if you have any recommendations for me as I have a weeks holiday coming up and I would like to get some books read in between some painting and photography study! 🙂

Happy Reading

Cam x

PS. Book is released on the 7th July so get your order in now for your kindle/ e-book on Amazon, Barnes etc 🙂 meanwhile you have a few days to get in some of the rest of the Elemental World 🙂 Lucky you!!!

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