All you need is love

Last week was a bit of a hectic stressful one. But screw that! Alls good that ends well! Lets focus on the weekend which was so lovely as I had my lovely cousins wedding.

Not to left out of the celebrations and because I didn’t buy myself anything special or new for wedding I splurged on my own ring for the day. Isnt this pretty? I’ve always wanted a pearl type ring to go with my pearls so I am happy out.

excuse the shocking bad paint job on my nails :O

Here is Dad looking dapper in his suit. Also you can see some of the flowers in his house.. These are some of the ones I take photos up. so colourful 🙂

My cousin married her beau in Ballyvolane House. They got married under the trees it was so beautiful and romantic… See us Irish don’t have to do the church thing 🙂

We were blessed the weather stayed nice. Here is me and my sister and cousin waiting in the (slightly windy) meadow.

Its ok to take a selfie while waiting if its not in church :P

Its ok to take a selfie while waiting if its not in church 😛


I was wrapped up in a cardigan as I am a perisher but it was actually lovely to be outside. I helped out by taking Polaroids of the ceremony.

I have included one pic of the lovely couple. I am sure they won’t mind as there are some up on Instagram. Rule of blogging never make things public that people don’t want public. (note to friends: just in case ye think ill post everything hahaha)

Love that idea of Polaroids they are so cute. I am thinking of getting this one.. what you think? do you have any recommendations? I really like the retro look of it. I have always wanted a Polaroid. The film isn’t cheap but they are so beautiful!


After the beautiful ceremony we all moved out to in front of the main house for refreshments. Here is a few snaps.


Cousins n Aunties x


Me and Dad

Me and Dad




This drink was a lovely lemonade. So nice. I love the jars and straws so cute 🙂

Tiny sneak in background of beautiful guests

Tiny sneak in background of beautiful guests


Honestly this wedding was so beautiful that I had to share it with you all. I guess creativity runs in the family as all the touches added were just so personal and beautiful.

My aunt did a wedding guest finger print board and it was so beautiful. I told her she was robbing my job! haha but its a great idea to have something madeby your Mam and you can hang it forever 🙂

My aunt robbing my job with her awesome fingerprint tree :P

My aunt robbing my job with her awesome fingerprint tree 😛

Beautiful touches everywhere…. Amy is so creative!

Table plan 'LOVE'

Table plan ‘LOVE’

So lovely!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE everywhere 🙂

Mam selfie :P

Mam selfie 😛


mazing flowers!!! Peonies... Love them :)

amazing flowers!!! Peonies… Love them 🙂


Enjoying Lemonade :)

Enjoying Lemonade 🙂

All this partying is tiring 🙂

ZZZZZZZZZ cutest doggie!!!

ZZZZZZZZZ cutest doggie!!!


But don’t worry yummy food will pick you up 🙂

what a beautiful setting! and bon bons yum

what a beautiful setting! and bon bons yum

Yummy red Velvet cake :)

Yummy red Velvet cake 🙂


A bevvy in the Bar :P

A bevvy in the Bar 😛

And then a boogie on the dance floor!

Dance floor

Dance floor


First Dance :)

First Dance 🙂


First Dance :)

First Dance 🙂


All in all the perfect wedding!! hope you all had a lovely weekend! Im off to Dublin for a concert now, myself and the sisters are off to Taylor Swift .. haha I never claimed to be cool 😛

Taking tomorrow off work so I am going to stroll around Dublin I think 🙂 Can’t wait 🙂

Cam X

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