Jennifer’s Lily

Yesterday I met up with my friend Jen at her house, instead of the usual walk we go for.

Weather is fab at the moment but sometimes you can’t always make a walk so it’s nice to sit and have a catch up instead.


Jennifers lily

It gave me the time to take this photo of Jennifer’s Lily. I painted this for her house when she moved in. God I must have done this five years ago and it’s still my favourite! 


Jennifers Lily


I remember panicking about painting in white and wondering how I was going to get some depth in it. I did loads of layers of white mixed with different colours and it turned out lovely! Nice and big and dramatic 🙂

Lilys are Jens favourite so the subject matter was a no brainer. I often get asked to do a flower for sitting rooms or bedrooms. A lovely idea is the flower from a wedding bouquet. Whats your favourite flower. Mine is the lily but I love cherryblossom too and peonies… and sunflowers.. and tulips.. and daisys…. ok ok I love loads 🙂

In other unrelated news one of the lads in work bought in the most amazing Pavlova.. So good! Oh to be able to bake like that. No real need to share it with you but it’s my favourite 😛

His wife likes to bake so she just randomly made it for him to bring in… sweet!!


Best Pavlova ever!

Are you jealous?? It wasn’t a great pic.. We were too busy eating it haha Beautiful local strawberries too.. Mega yum!

Well I hope you all had such a lovely start to the week 🙂

Cakes n catch up sure what’s better! No painting or doodles were done as I was busy eating and chatting most of the day lol

Let me know your favourite flower and desert… im craving pavlova again!!! 😛

Happy Tuesday

Cam x


Dads flowers


8 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Lily

  1. inari says:

    That painting is so well done, with the shadows and curves in the leaves you get a lot of depth. Well done on a great painting. I have to say sunflowers are my favourite but I had white lilies in my wedding bouquet so I really like them too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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