Sunshine, Flower Power, Avocado and Eggs

I am quiet on the art posts at the moment as I am doing some commissions and I can’t be posting them before they are gifted by the buyer or seen by the owner… as much as I want to πŸ™‚

However if you are following me on instagram you will have seen the lovely weather we are having at the moment. I said I’d update those of ye that aren’t instagrammers πŸ™‚


It’s so nice that one could almost call it summer πŸ˜› shhhhh don’t say that out loud or the rain will come… eeek


I thought I’d be out more in the sun to be honest but I’m a bit run down so have mostly been chilling rather than doing anything I usually would at this time of year..jogging, cycling, hiking etc.


Dads flowers

It seems a shame to be spending this glorious weather wrecked so I’m booked in for a full MOT and should be back from zombie land soon I hope πŸ™‚ Can’t be wasting this loveliness being indoors resting πŸ™‚

To help me out in this zombie land I did TRY briefly to add some healthier food into my world.. and being the arty yoke that I am.. I had to make sure it was pretty πŸ˜€

I was inspired by my friends Rachel’s post on avocados. I was kinda doing it just cause it looked simple but I actually ended up finding it super tasty. I really have no excuse not to eat this well every day except for above zombie issues haha… sleeeeeppppp…

Check out Rachels blog for nutritious inspiration.

Avocado on Toast


Eggs and Avacado ala

Smoothie Yumminess

Smoothie Yumminess

No I do not live this exotic colourful looking life everyday.. I was working from home, made lunch and sat outside. It looked much more glamorous than it was.

Thanks to Dads pretty Flowers. I could get used to that life πŸ™‚


Must say work is really much easier to do when its sunny and you can sit out and answer emails in your shorts…and not scare anyone with your freakishly pale legs πŸ˜›


In spite of the fab weather.. and I think due to tiredness..I have been struggling sporadically with a grouchy mind this week.

Love making little images like this that I stick on my iPhone so I am reminded that life is awesome and to stop being so contrary. πŸ™‚

Sure it’s not for everyone but it helps me. I started it when my reiki healer friend Gary told me to write down ‘be gentle on yourself’ on a piece of paper and stick it up somewhere like on the mirror.

I drag  this idea out loads and I put it as my wallpaper on my phone so even if I don’t register it.. I am seeing the nice message every day πŸ™‚


Seeing prettiness everyday helps too. Clonmel is so beautiful at the moment. Here is my view from beside where I work. This is a walk by the river Suir and in the background you can see the mountain that is Slievenamon.. it looks small there but when I was training for Kilimanjaro I climbed it about 33 times and it was hard going every time… EVERY time.


I really have to get up there walking again! I used to cycle out there then climb it.. I am gone so soft! This time I drove half way up to Kilcash village.

Kilcash Church

Kilcash Church

This church is  in the village by my cousin’s house. It looks eerie here in B&W but its an amazing view.

I went out for a cup of tea and as always ended up staying 5 hours talking. See once you sit this zombie down I’m not mooving. Her husband gave up and went to the pub to get away from us yapping πŸ™‚

I hope you are all having some nice weather where you are and getting out in it a lot more than I am!

I also hope you are surrounded by such prettiness! Send me a link of some pretty photographs or tag me on instagram. Love seeing where you are based πŸ™‚

Cam X

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