Popcorn Time; Jurassic World

So I’m just out of watching Jurassic World and I’m wrecked! I’m fairly sure my dreams are going to be insane mix of fearing death by giant teeth or just a loop of my sisters screams lol :p

Starring: Chris Platt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins,Nick Robinson, Irrfan Kahn, Vincent D’Onofrio

Running time: 124 mins


One of my first real vivid cinema memories is sitting in the Regal Theatre, our local Clonmel cinema back in the day and hiding under my coat. A kid was hiding in a kitchen from raptors. I thought I was going to pass out with fear. These kind of memories are why I love going to the cinema to see movies rather than the small screen. Β 

So this takes place 22 years after Jurassic Park (I’m getting old) and the island is now a fully functioning theme park. Bryce Dallas plays Claire who is in charge of the park but mostly of getting more sponsors.

Her sister has sent on the nephews played by Simpkins and Brooklyn Beckhams twin Robinson…seriously are we sure that’s not Brooklyn?


im gonna need to see an ID please

These kids are great in fairness. I must remember not to get my nephews stranded in jungle with killer genetically modified dinosaur…. Oh yes there is that…. Those darn scientists.. Do they ever learn πŸ˜›

If you have seen the trailer you will see this creation (DNA spliced from loads of animals) breaks loose and goes on rampage…but not to fear there’s help on the way..

Let us take a moment to appreciate Chris Platt..


i have no words…

Well Hello!

He is “site consultant” general bad ass, raptor bonding, Indiana Jones, star man type dude. He is his usual brilliant self.. Funny yet believable.. Well as believable as you get in Jurassic world.

However bad ass he is though.. Does he do it in heels??? No… Well Dallas Howard does…Like come on..who runs through a rainforest.. actually..who runs anywhere in heels? Surely she has a pair of flats thrown in the car like a normal woman!


looks like im not the only person who thought this…

Special effects are amazing in this. Really well done. This film stays loyal to the feel of its predecessors. Monster film with a few little warnings about messing with nature thrown in. There are some lovely nods to the original.. more than I realised I’m sure. It’s very graphic and gory, unnecessarily so in parts though in a funny way. One woman gets a pretty epic death scene… We spent a lot of the film playing who’s gonna die.. In between screams.


Im sure I made this face lol


It’s a scary one, I’m not sure if I was scared more by the film or my sister jumping, screaming and grabbing me.. If you were in the cinema with us.. My apologies! We tried to train it out of her for years but even Chris Platt couldn’t train that out πŸ˜›

I really want to go to this amusement park!!

Review: it’s basically predictable, but those expecting more are forgetting what Jurassic is meant to be: a scary monster film. Genuine scary moments, funny moments and special effects are great. It is not suitable for kids under the cert, too much gore, killing and general head ripping. I really enjoyed it! Get in to see on big screen.

Rating: 4/5

Happy hunting



PS let me know what you thought as it’s not gonna be for everyone.

For more trailers and images check out the IMDB page

3 thoughts on “Popcorn Time; Jurassic World

  1. Leonie Andrews says:

    I’m pretty much with you. I remember in the film the park owner says they want scarier with more teeth and that was clearly what the movie delivered. Thanks to Walking with Dinosaurs to encourage very large marine reptiles et al.
    As my partner commented more action and a lot less ohhing over dinosaur cgi effects. I thought they whipped through the scenes a lot faster than the original.
    Chris ‘definitely the new Harrison Ford’ Platt – nothing to complain about there and Ron Howard’s daughter to boot. A re-boot of the original plus some of the sequels. I’m OK with that, but I’ll reserve judgement on the obvious sequel.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Els says:

    I’d love to see this movie on popcorn time but i can’t find it 😦
    Anyone have an idea why? I use a macbook air, six months old πŸ˜‰


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