Popcorn Time: Mad Max Fury Road


So I always go to a film the minute it comes out. Yeah I’m a weirdo.. I like to get in there before it gets built up with hype and I have any preconceived ideas about it.  After seeing this its reminded me why!

Ye know I have had a few attempts to get into see Mad Max but misprinted cinema times etc kept getting in my way. (I mentioned it to the website re times and they are sending me out a Mad Max goody bag, score, so I was thinking I really had to watch it…)


Starring: Tom Hardy, Charlise Theron, Nicolas Hoult,Hugh Keys Burn, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley,  Zoe Kravitz

Running Time: 120 mins

Cert: R

Max Max .. well for those of you that don’t know the story its set in a post apocalyptic world where water and gasoline are rare and people are basically insane from trying to survive. It’s set in a desert wasteland and we come back to (this is the fourth film where Tom Hardy takes over the role as Mad Max from Mel Gibson) Hardy is being kept as a blood bag, a universal donor for nutter leader Immortan Joe (Keays-Byrne) .

Enter Theron as warrior Imperator Furiosa who teams up with Max after freeing Immortans wives. What follows is a mad chase across the desert in a big rig… yep thats basically the whole plot, script and story there… lol

Tom Hardy being an intense truck decoration

Tom Hardy being an intense truck decoration


Ok so I have mixed feelings on this one. There is so many reasons for me to mega love it. It looks amazing, the ‘set’ the characters, costume, special effects ..they are all spectacular.

Tom Hardy is his usual amazing self. Sure ya can’t complain there he is the epitome of Mad Max.  but to quote my friend Annie when she went to see it.. this was some weird film. But sure it has got Mad in the title. .. cant say we weren’t warned 😛

I am thinking I would never last in a world like this. Seems like too much effort on a daily basis.. tis struggle enough to straighten my hair and put some make up on.. Dunno how id cope with all the daily fighting.. though I do like the smokey eyes and leather look they are working ha

Smokey eyes :P Great Halloween costume idea

Smokey eyes 😛 Great Halloween costume idea

In all serious though… it’s an action packed film.. One where action speaks louder than words mostly.. sure Hardy has about 10 words in the whole script..This film is really all about Theron and she rocks it (as always!) if you love non stop action you will love this.

If you get bored by that over the top action it can get a little repetitive. But they give a half hearted attempt at some character development..but not enough for my tastes. You may have noticed I havent mentioned Hoult.. He was very underused for such a great actor. Shame.

Review. A little underwhelming (maybe as I watched it after all the hype) I was expecting more. It is  focused more on style rather than substance so it’s visually amazing. Action packed rollercoaster ride for those of you that like that 🙂

Rating 3/5 (to be honest im being generous here…maybe its more 2.5 )

Anyway.. let me know if you got to see it and enjoyed it.. judging by most reviews everyone loved… oops guess I am daring to be different 😛

Happy Watching

Cam x

For more Trailers and Images check out the IMDB site


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