Busy Bee & Baby shower

It has been a very busy week so I apologise for being quiet 🙂 little bits n bobs being done, I’m in the middle of some caricatures and paintings as commissions so hopefully can share them soon when they are gifted 🙂

It was my cousins (and friend.. I dunno why there isn’t a word for friend who happens to be related ha) Baby shower this sat… My god it was a food fest! I act was so busy drooling I didn’t take many photos but it was yum.  


Cheesecake mmmmm…


I wanted to bring something with me so I made a guest finger print board. Thank god I didn’t bake something…we were so well fed! I had buns for breakfast today 😛 BOLD!

Anyway.. Moving on from food.. The guest book.. It was so simple and turned out lovely. The only thing I knew was that the nursery was grey and yellow so I went with that. (Silver is kinda shiny grey..)

Elephants are my fav.. So that was a no brainer. I actually really enjoyed this. Everyone there pressed their finger in the silver stamp pad and onto the paper. I’m gonna get it framed nice  and it will hang up in the nursery where baby mama will remember all the women she has to call on when she is wrecked 🙂

Lovely simple present for you arty folk to bring to parties 🙂 Hope you had a lovely weekend! Let me know if you have made anything like this or have any good ideas 🙂


Cam x

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