Rainy Day- page one

We have a lot of Rainy Days here in Ireland. So I decided to have some fun with a little poem I wrote about a little girl who thinks it’s better to stay curled up in bed. (Ahem that’s prob me .. Always…haha)

Anyway it’s just a bit of fun..here is my first ‘page’…The next will be a double page šŸ™‚

My Rainy Day, page 1

The poem gets (slightly) better haha I wasn’t too worried about it being an actual rhyming one! This is done using artset app and then I added text on Epaper and Quick apps. All can be found in App Store.

All a bit of fun. Trying to keep it simple and soft… If you know my previous work this is quite hard for me so I am happy with the simplicity šŸ™‚

Happy Tuesday! Here’s hoping I will find it easier to get up tomorrow! :p


Cam x

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