Liebster Award

Hey Folks,

Hope you are all getting through the week better than my sleepy self is.. its Wednesday Hump day so that’s good 🙂

Weekend, I’m coming for ya!

As I have said before blogging was never part of the main plan for my website.. It was a happy evolution. I kinda thought no one had much of an interest in my ramblings, so its super lovely to know that someone is actually reading.

Thank you to Zoe Behan from DayDreamerChic for the Liebster Award. (yes we have the same surname but we aren’t related… kinda cool as Behan is rare where I’m based so woo hoo nice to find another one 🙂 ha)


This is a great award where you nominate blogs that you enjoy so that we can all support each other and find new blogs to follow. What a great community we have, to show such support!

Basically you answer 11 questions and give your 11 random facts and pay it forward then.

The blogs I am following and nominate are posted at the end. I really enjoy them so I hope you pop over and give them a read. Also head over to Zoes page too, its great 🙂

Of course as always you are under no obligation to answer the questions or anything, just enjoy the nomination 🙂

If you are anything like me you will be happy that someone other than your family is reading haha. (are you reading family???)


These are my Answers to Zoes Questions:
  1. Have you any hidden talents?                                                                        God let me think…nothing hidden, my few talents are out there haha Major one being painting i should hope. I am fairly ok at decorating cakes when I get a notion
  2. What’s your favourite movie?                                                                           My favorite movie of all time has to be the Goonies just because I loved it as a child. Have a few ‘Goonies never say Die’ t-shirts from Truffle shuffle that I love. Check out that site its greatfor the geek/retro love 🙂
  3. What’s your favourite animal?                                                                          My favourite is the Elephant. I got to go to a really good sanctuary in Patara in Chang Mai where we spent the day with them and it was amazing.  (we checked it out thoroughly as you have to be careful regarding animal cruelty in some countries you visit. if you are going there I couldn’t recommend it enough)  They put you in these super unflattering tunics.. this was not a style choice 😛                                                                                   IMG_1551
  4. Who’s style do you admire the most?                                                              I am not a style junkie. (though a little more stylish than the above photo I promise) I prefer more classic looks. If money was no barriers and I had a group to dress me Dita Von Teese would be my favourite style. I love the vintage looks. I love dresses.
  5. What’s the one product you couldn’t live without?                                I always have Rose Vaseline Lip Balm with me. Always.Practical and pretty balm! BUT if we are being realistics its probably my glasses/contacts HAHA (i know someone is shouting YOUR IPHONE at this hehe)
  6. What’s the best advice you have ever been given?                                    I am a big fan of Reiki and I got a good bit of it done last year with a lovely man called Gary. Something that really stuck with me was when Gary Said ‘Be Gentle With Yourself’. It’s actually my favourite saying. In this day and age we can all be so harsh on ourselves when things aren’t going great that I think we forget that we are only human and need to cut ourselves some slack.
  7. What’s your signature dish?                                                                               Its one of wellanicitys nutrition recipes.. a simple feta and sweet potato Frittata. I used make it loads for the girls when I had them for lunch. That or The Londoners Pulled pork. Great lunch ideas. Followed by Banana Bread. Yum
  8. When are you at your happiest?                                                               When I am with my friends and Family, when I am painting, or when I am lost in a movie (with popcorn and malteasers of course!) or reading a book… easily pleased 🙂
  9. Who / what inspired you to start your blog?                                          My friends Lisa and Rachel. They are great Bloggers with loads of interesting information on nutrition and wellness. Very inspiring. My blog is different from theirs which usually makes me go eeekkk cause they are so great but  I try to remember-that keeps life interesting to see the range and variety of blogs we have out there. Something for everyone 🙂
  10. What’s your favourite quote?                                                                              I love Quotes… Ive too many but here is one that is fitting for my week. The simplest and truest one.. I dont know the author.IMG_0637
  11. What has been your proudest moment? Last year I had an exhibition of my work. I had been in group ones over the years but I had never had a Solo one. I wanted to challenge myself so I leapt in and ‘Over the Fence’ was created. To see all my colourful and happy work up on the walls was such a buzz and I was incredibly proud. I would definitely recommend everyone to bite the bullet and have a solo exhibition. Its stressful but it is worth it!
11 Random Facts About Me (I stress random.. ye prob know everything of interest!!!)
  1. I can’t see 3D, had an eye operation when I was younger so if I go see 3D film it’s basically just me sitting in a dark room wearing sunglasses 😦 This would not bother most people but I love movies and with beign an artist I am very concious of my sight (or lack there off hahaha)
  2. I climbed Kilimanjaro very proud of that it was number one on my bucket list. Go do it! sure I had to stick a photo in for this..IMG_1552
  3. I don’t drink Tea/Coffee or any hot Drinks.. unheard of in Ireland.. sure I am perished here!!
  4. I have absolutely crap depth perception (see above eye op) therefore I am crap at any sports that involve catching.. probably also the reason I don’t pour hot drinks …
  5. In my PLC Art portfolio course I did an 8ft charcoal drawing of a piece of broccoli. If only we had camera phones back then I would love to see a photo as I loved it ha
  6. I go to cinema AT LEAST once a week #addict
  7. My dad calls me ‘Bat ears’ cause I can apparently hear everything for miles.. I am thinking its more Daredevil than Batman as its prob heightened senses from being blind ha #superpowers
  8. I hate cartoons.. it annoys me that the Simpsons wear the same clothes for like 20 years.. i know I know.. I am crazy
  9. I paint loads of cows but they actually scare the hell out of me since I read a story of a herd trampling a woman in one of Mams magazines (take a break haha) when I was younger.
  10. I am still best of friends with my friends from primary school. So lucky 🙂 Obviously I got some great additions after that too
  11. I love Harry Potter, Have read it so many times and I want to go to Florida purely for the reason that I want to go see Hogwarts Castle.. I am a child trapped in a 32 year old body…


Well there it is.. Some randomness for the day, Totally usueless information to clog your brain.

Below are my questions and the Blogs I nominate. Again its all fun so we can support each other and know each other better.

Here are my questions for you guys.

  1. Whats your Favourite thing to do?
  2. Who is your favorite artist? (remember this can be make- up/music/etc )
  3. If you were an animal what would you be?
  4. What is the best advise you have ever been given?
  5. What’s the one item you couldn’t live without?
  6. If you could go somewhere tomorrow, without any limits, where would it be?
  7. What would your last meal be?
  8. When are you at your happiest?
  9. Who / what inspired you to start your blog?
  10. If your life had a motto what would it be?
  11. What has been your proudest moment?

Again, no pressure.

If you do take part, I am looking forward to knowing more about you.

Take a moment and click to check out my nominated pages they are great 🙂
Cam x


11 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. inari says:

    Hi, great new profile picture and loved the post – getting to know you more. Thank you for the nomination (I’ll answer the questions really soon, just a bit under the weather at the moment) I had to laugh when I saw you went to Chang Mai, because that is where my husband and I fell in love with elephants too. A big congrats on climbing Kilimanjaro, what a nice achievement. Have a great day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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