ArtSet App Doodles


I’m having fun this week with my new bamboo stylus that I ordered last week from ebay. Just doodling away before I go to bed and after I’ve caught up with my telly. Currently watching Orphan Black/Nashville/Agents of Shield/Good Wife  what to watch next.. let me know if you have any good recommendations as most of those have hit the finales now.

I am really putting off watching all of Game of Thrones, as I have a tendancy to get obsessed.. lost a week of my life watching 6 seasons of Walking Dead earlier this year and got no sleep/ no painting done hahaha.. issues! Worth it though lol 😛


Fly Away with me…

I can be very lazy in the evening, I am more of a morning person, so using apps like Art Set Pro are a nice way to unwind, stay creative and productive when I dont feel like dragging my gear into house or my butt out to the cold studio.

Instead of wasting time of looking up Pinterest or Instagram (many hours lost to these..) I can create my own little pieces and, added bonus, they are saved on file no need to can and manipulate.

It is kind of bringing me back to when I really wanted to illustrate a children’s book. I can see how you could easily create ideas and add text and have a basic little book idea quite quickly. It’s still something I would love to do.

Here is a simple fun quote that I love that I turned into a fun doodle. My followers on Instagram and Facebook seemed to get a good kick out of it. Nothing beats a bum joke 😛


maybe i should have looked up what a glow worm looks like??? prob nothing like this cutie from my brain hahaha

Can’t say any great thought have gone into these I’m just having fun and exploring Artset Pro. I was using ArtStudio but was recommended Art Set by Janette at ArtandWords.

Its great, has more ‘paper’ and medium options and is more instinctive to use. For a visual person like me it’s easier to tap a pencil than to click a load of buttons..Loving it so far.

Unconciously sticking  with the bum theme I also tried some life drawing below.

What gets tricky using these apps on iPad, is the smaller screen when I love to draw big.

OK, yeah you can zoom in but I still like to be able to see everything I’m doing but I suppose it just takes some getting used to.


Really basic life drawing, just exploring the charcoal setting..

I always felt for my art to be real or for me to get something out of it that it had to be on real paper but i don’t think that any more.

Each time I use it I get a little better I think- Like any new medium. This is the modern version of a new medium 🙂

I’m having loads of fun here and learning loads.. Defo give it a try if you are on the fence..

I really like the pastel setting.. this was fun..

Pastel Fun...

Pastel Fun…


I am already thinking I am going to have loads of fun with this on holidays when I am sitting in the airport or when I’m on flight I can be doodling.

If you have any tips of favourite papers or tools etc on this let me know your thoughts 🙂

Cam x

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