Wedding Signature Boards

If you follow me on my Instagram or Facebook pages you might see me post photos more often of pieces/their progress/randomness.

I upload more stuff daily on them as I am probably better with images than words.. probably??? …definitely 🙂


Photo from wedding

The above is a photo which the lovely lady who commissioned a piece sent on. Love seeing a piece when it has been all signed by guests, they look bare with the big mount when I send them off.

She ordered it for her sister’s wedding. It was a really quirky wedding, her dress had black chiffon over it and the guests were all staying in yurts. Looked to be a great day and I am so glad she thought to take a photo in between dancing 🙂

Most people forget so I get really excited when I see a photo of finished pieces.


Quick photo before it was wrapped up. Still has to be signed by guests

I am hoping to also get a photo of this one above too when it’s all signed. Fingers crossed!

Here are some other photos below of these two pieces. If you want to see more images of my caricatures just click on the tab on my website.

If you have one from me do send on a pic of it 🙂 I miss them when they are gone 😛

If you are on Instagram, pop your name below and I’ll give you a follow.

Love to see everyone’s work!

Happy Painting

Cam x


Wrapping up and posting Caricature (after Gym excuse the state of me!!)



I love when people get in touch to share photos on my page!



Quick photo before being wrapped in ALOT of bubble wrap!


FullSizeRender 3

Using the Mount Druid images for inspiration to link into Wedding Theme



Loving the banner on this one with Names and date. Nice addition I think 🙂


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