Self portrait On iPad! Digits n digital

So I came across two lovely blogs this week where artists were using their iPad to ‘paint’.  Daily WIP  and Art and Words.. Check them out 🙂  I was intrigued and inspired. So I gave it a go.

Here is my first attempt! Be kind.. it took about 20 mins (including figuring out how to use the bloody app lolIt’s a self-portrait and I actually had loads of fun doing it.. I think I used every colour on the palate, as usual! I don’t have a stylus (I may invest, as this is fun) so it’s just me scratching/rubbing/tapping the screen with my finger. I kinda felt like I was back in school doing finger painting .. 😛

Fingers..DIGITal art… Get it?? (Ok ok poor pun) hangs head in shame


Eyes are bit cartoony and nose… Well.. I don’t know what happened there ha.. Anyway I am sure I have loads to learn but for a first attempt it was fun and it actually looks like me I think 🙂  first thoughts on the experience …

1) part of me feels it’s not real as it’s not on paper

2) I like feeling like I was using pastels without being messy (I’m lazy=less cleaning)

3) feels like I had freedom to try more colours and take chances as stuff could be erased

4) thinking it would be handy way to pass time and be creative when you don’t have all your gear with you

5) is art real if it’s not physically real???

6) my brain hurts.. Screw it I enjoyed it!

If you have any tips or stuff you like doing when using this method of being creative let me know.. Just dipping my toes in now 🙂

Cam x

8 thoughts on “Self portrait On iPad! Digits n digital

  1. inari says:

    Thats super for being done on a tablet without a stylus. I tried it once and failed miserably (also I like getting really messy). Do you still feel the same while painting it?

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  2. Janetteartandwords says:

    Looks great! Finger painting is certainly fun, I much prefer it, to using a stylus. I print my iPad art out sometimes on an air printer at home, and quite often I send them to a local office store, for laser printing. I talk more about all that on my blog and thanks for mentioning my blog in your post. All the best, Janette. 🙂

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