I wouldn’t have mushroom for that..


Charcoal study

Broccoli: I look like a tree

Walnut: I look like a brain

Mushroom: I look like an umbrella

Banana: Can we change the subject??


Mushroom structure study


Ok on a more artistic note I decided to bring it back to basics. Sometimes you only need something simple to do some really beneficial studies. Here are some I did of mushrooms. 


Line work and tonal study

They are your basic studies using charcoal, acrylic, pencil. I used cardboard to add texture in the acrylic and with the pencil I was studying the structure of it as if I was building a model. I was also trying to add shadow to the piece by thickening and thinning the pencil line. A great little trick to focus you on areas of shadow while building a form/depth of object.  Sorry about the smudges .. I’m messy 🙂


Acrylic study of tone

These are great things to do if you are doing a portfolio for a college.


Tonal study, pastel/charcoal

I did a similar one for mine with broccoli (actually I did a six foot charcoal drawing of a brocolli it was so cool- if only I took as much photos back then!)


Texture study


I suppose I should go eat some mushrooms and nourish my body instead of my creativity 😛


Texture Study

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday!  I  busy doing caricatures and paintings so it’s great to be kept busy.

Cam x

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