Sunny Weekend in Clonmel


View from my Studio

So I am working on private commissions at the moment. Which means, painting and caricature wise I don’t have anything I can share with you all yet. Top secret until weddings are over and paintings are hung. I am super excited about them though they are gonna look great! Above is my view out the studio. Loving my cherry blossom blanket of snow!


Cherry Blossoms everywhere!!


Aside from my painting I made the most of my weekend by basically enjoying the last of the lovely weather. The coming week is rain and clouds.. I think someone even mentioned snow in places sob

Cant complain too much though we had a great run of good weather! Whats seldom is wonderful in Ireland 🙂


As you know, I love trees and the forest so I asked the lovely ladies Lisa and Rachel to grab their doggies and come for a walk with me.

These two little white nutter dogs are usually on the leads and walked around town so I loaded them into the car and hit the countryside.

To say they were over excited is understatement.. the 15 min journey was them whining in my face, it was painful.. ha


There are loads of walks around Clonmel in the mountains and this one is kinda near Rathgormack in the forest. It’s one of Lisa’s regular haunts.

Dogs have a field day as they can be let loose off the lead to explore. Streams, trees and endless loops of paths.. doggie heaven!


Thankfully for you I didn’t take many photos, as I was busy chatting. It was great to hear all the exciting stuff the girls have planned.

They are the Queens of exercise and nutrition.. now you know I love exercise. I love eating. But eating nutritious meals isn’t a strength of mine so watching all the lovely things they eat and blog on is great. So good to see how people prep their week or motivate themselves, and in turn motivate me.


Check out their sites for great ideas. Colourful food (you know I love the colourful stuff not just in my paintings)  that nourishes you and tastes good most important.

I hope you all had a productive week. I look forward to sharing my latest work when I have given it to the customers 🙂 In the mean time you this is just a glimpse into my everyday life! Nothing too exciting here ha


This is unrelated.. but I also snuck in a trip to the cinema to see the new Avengers! Have you seen it? Amazing. I am a Marvel nerd so I was loving it. I have to watch it again now to see what Marvel easter eggs I missed in it. Have a great week 🙂

Cam x


Cherry blossom steps ❤


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