Cherry blossom sunset.. & my studio


My Cherryblossom at Sunset


I stare out at the cherry blossoms
In marvel and joy I watch them bloom
Then they burst out with their effloresces
As though awaking from mother nature’s womb,
And there I watch awestruck and in wonder
As though GOD splashed paint upon each branch
Through beauty, and only for beauty I cry a tear
As the blossoms explode in a pink and red avalanche.

No more beauty and wonder could one man ever see
Than watching the cherry blossoms upon a tree.

Randy L. McClave


Some buds are full bloom though the tree is mostly bare


Cherry blossom update… they have just started to bloom and im super excited!! Obviously my childish jumping up and down isn’t as eloquent as Randy’s poem but we both share the love in our own ways.. as much as I want to be a poet, I shall be a photographer today…


Expect many more random updates on this subject because, as you know, I am a major cherry blossom junkie. I’ve only done two pieces, (this one and this one ) but I plan to do some more this year, I would love to make it to Japan for the cherry blossom festivals but for now I’ll have to be content with my tree and the few weeks of bloom we get from it!


My studio, Home

Sneak peak of my studio in that shot, with its lovely sunny yellow door 🙂


Forget the April Showers this is the month of Cherry blossom love 🙂 I’ve included some shots of a bare tree at work below, just cause it was so pretty! My never-ending tree love…


Wishing you a sunny, blossom filled day, keep an eye out for the blooms..they are popping up everywhere if you look!

Cam x




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