Evening walks..kilcash cottage ruins

  IMG_1196The weather last week was just beautiful! Hello Blue Sky! Everyone is out and about trying to grab every last second of sunshine before those April showers kick in. After work one evening I popped out to my cousin Melissa who lives in little village outside Clonmel called Kilcash. This is a lovely little village on Slievenamon mountain.


Just for those who are interested: the name Slievenamon stems from its Irish name ‘Sliabh na mBan’ which translates as ‘mountain of the women’. This is from the story that Fionn Mac Cumhaill decided to choose his bride from a group of women racing up the hill to meet him at the summit.


The winner was Grainne to whom Fionn had apparently shown a short cut.. take it from me there is no short cut up this mountain.. if you want to marry me after seeing the sweaty heap I am at the top then great 😛 but I aint running up there for love nor money..he must have been Brad Pitt pretty!


If you are into hiking, there are loads of routes around this area that are just beautiful. take a look at The Galtee Walking Club site for ideas. As you know I am a big fan of walking Slievenamon especially at sunrise/set, but we decided to skip the mountain this time and the three cousins went for a stroll through Kilcash woods.


The woods are lovely for walks and have nice wide tracks to make jogs easier. (If you are local-ish and fancy a walk there, just park up in the village and the entrance is just on the left before the pub).

IMG_1197      IMG_1195   IMG_1186

As usual we decided to go a little off route near the end, forsaking the track for a wander through the bushes to find cottage ruins to show Brid who hadn’t seen them before. I guess curiosity runs in the genes.


Love the Texture and contrasts in this photo of inside ruins

The evening light through the trees into the ruins is so beautiful. We were trying to imagine who lived here, what their life was like… our conclusion was that it would have been lovely to live here during the day but maybe a bit creepy when night falls!


All in all, a lovely way to spend and evening. So many lovely spots around Clonmel.. you only remember them all when we get this glorious weather. Long may it last.

Hope you are enjoying some nice weather and some exploring of your own. here are some pics of this little adventure.

Cam x


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