Run, Snap, Pant, Post…

Annerville Sunrise

Annerville Sunrise

We are having amazing weather here in Clonmel. The sun is shining and everyone is outside enjoying it. Ireland is so beautiful in this weather.

I have always been a morning person so I took the opportunity to get out in the crisp early mornings and go for a jog. I am not great in the heat so these mornings are perfect .. cold but dry and so beautiful, with the sun rising and the fog rolling back out of the fields.


How can you jog and take photos, you ask?? Not very well as you can see haha I am not a competitive runner and I am very short so I jog at a VERY conservative pace, think tortoise meets snail. Hence while im listening to my music on iPhone, I can, with a flick of thumb, randomly point my phone to take photos. Gotta love technology. 🙂

Pure luck means they mostly turn out pretty! I kinda think of it as when I do blind life drawing. Slanted compositions crop up that I wouldn’t have thought about before. All a bit of fun!


I just like to share them so people can see what beauty is around at this time of the morning. You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see these kind of images more frequent.


God its just so fabulous out. Irish people are obsessed with talking about the weather so apologies! Habit 🙂

I am still surprised that these aren’t really blurry, Apple are really improving their cameras! Anyway nothing profound in this post, just some lovely photos of the sunrise. You know how much I love that 🙂


Heres hoping there are some more days of this lovely weather!! Loving it! Hope you are having nice weather whereever you are! send me a pic or fill me in 🙂

Cam x



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