Black and White Challenge Day 5 of 5

Old Bridge Clonmel

My photo at the Old Bridge Clonmel


I met three children on the road —
The hawthorn trees were sweet with rain
The hills had drawn their white blinds down —
Three children on the road from town.

Their wealthy eyes in splendour mocked
Their faded rags and bare wet feet,
The King had sent his daughters out
To play at peasants in the street.

I could not see the palace walls;
The avenues were dumb with mist;
Perhaps a queen would watch and weep
For lips that she had borne and kissed —

And lost about the lonely world,
With treasury of hair and eye
The tigers of the world would spring,
The merchants of the world would buy.

And one will sell her eyes for gold,
And one will barter them for bread,
And one will watch their glory fade
Beside the looking-glass unwed.

A hundred years will softly pass,
Yet on the Tipperary hills
The shadows of a king and queen
Will darken on the daffodils.

— Eileen Shanahan (born 1901)

Eileen Shanahan was an Irish Poet who wrote this poem from inspiration on her visits to her relations in Clonmel. I wish I was a poet. To be honest Ive never really tried since school. Words just don’t come as easy to me as I’d like.. Ok I may talk alot but meaningful words don’t come as easy. I guess thats what my paint brush is for. Take from the poem what you will..

I live in Clonmel, thats in the South East of Ireland in Tipperary. While most people move to Dublin, I’ve stayed in Clonmel and I dont regret it for an instant. I am still best friends with the same ladies from primary school, have some amazing new friends and my family are all fairly close! When people see how much I love to travel they often ask why I haven’t moved to Australia or where ever.. and I just reply that I love living here close to friends and family. I am content exploring the world on my (many ha) holidays/’expiditions’ and having lovely friends and family here to keep me happy! My words never say what I want them too so I will leave you with this quote:

There’s nothing I value more than the closeness of friends and family, a smile as I pass someone on the street.

-Willie Stargell
I really enjoyed this challange. It was so much Fun! Today I nominate Dee from Insight From a Womans Heart , a lovely site I’ve just found. I love stumbling across lovely blogs new to me…loving this new blog community I have joined!

The rules of the Black and White challenge are:

1) To post a photo every day for 5 days
2) To write a story to accompany your photo for 5 days (this can be fiction or non-fiction, a page, a paragraph or a poem)
3) To nominate a different person each day

There is no pressure to do it, only if you take a fancy! I leave you with the selection of images I have used for this Black and White Challenge. I hope you enjoyed this journey with me! Must find a new challenge.. this daily blogging is almost diary like.. quite calming.
Happy Easter Weekend.  🙂
Cam x

5 thoughts on “Black and White Challenge Day 5 of 5

  1. Dee Clark says:

    Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. It’s lovely to have you as an important part of my blogging community. I hope you enjoy your time at Insight From A Woman’s Heart. Welcome! Dee

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