“Blueberry and Coconut Ice-cream”

So Im a big believer of food being art you can eat.. While ive never been a master of creating this art (I’m trying) I just love looking at photos and new recipes. My friend Lisa has lovely healthy recipes that taste great and look amazing visually… Put down the paintbrush pick up the spoon n dig in… Nommmmm , Cam x


Coconut Ice-Cream ingredientsAround this time ten years ago I was on the backpacker trail around Southeast Asia. Of all those countries we travelled through, Vietnam was one that I have always said that I’d love to go back and see more of. One of my lasting memories of Ho Chi Minh City is sitting out in the balcony of our hotel, looking down over the bustling, heaving streets and eating coconut ice-cream. It was never overly sweet, always served in a coconut shell,  but offered a welcome coolness to the hot steamy humidity of the Saigon nights.

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