Giant Budda, Hong Kong

Giant Budda, Hong Kong

I love the sun but my pale Irish skin doesn’t, I get hot, sweaty and I start to feel faint after about ten minutes sitting out in it. Kinda the same feeling I get if I try drink hot tea :p  St Patrick's Well       Barcelona     Kilimanjaro

Dad's Garden     Angkor Watt    image

While this vampire won’t combust if she ventures into the sun, I still mostly admire its beauty from the shade. I look at how light blasts colour onto something and casts amazing shadows to frame it into a real time artwork πŸ™‚

Clonmel quay

I think I have been appreciating this from the shade unbeknownst to myself for a very long time, probably  since my first set of giant sun burn blisters… Yes first 😦 Many of my favourite photographs are the suns rays breaking through silhouettes, bouncing of buildings or nature. My final college pieces were even based on the sun and trees and the web of shadows they created.

image     image     image

image     image     image

The most common thing you will hear me mutter is “so pretty” while staring at the sky. I’ve been known to visit places at sunrise and sunset just to admire the changing colours and its effects on the scenery. I have been blessed to visit Angkor Wat at sunrise, see sunrise and sunset from the top of Africa and sit on the beach in Asia watching the sunset. To keep it local I’ve climbed Slievenamon many times to watch the sun rise over Clonmel. Breathtaking. Try it once! Here’s a few images from that.. all on my trusty iPhone … 

image   Slievenamon   Slievenamon

Slievenamon   Slievenamon    image

My biggest regret to this day, is on a college trip losing a digital chip full of sunset photos. It was Venice, myself and my friend Grace got on the wrong water taxi and ended up on the most amazing cruise around Venice at sunset. And I have not one photo.. But I’ll cherish the memories! I think that’s why I am so quick to stop and snap now.

On my many travels I’ve taken a lot of photos and looking over them I see this love of light and shadow over and over…

Next time you are blinded by the sun I hope you take a moment to stop and admire it’s pretty ways πŸ™‚

If you’re a nut like me pull over your car on the side of the road and take a snap.. People get used to it eventually πŸ˜› I hope!

Cam x

Ps… I’ve thrown some more in the gallery below… See if you recognise any places… Bulmers orchards, giants causeway, Africa, Asia, Clonmel, Washington, Chicago, San Diego… Can u tell I’m pining for a holiday πŸ™‚

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