Do you even lift bro?

Jade warming up

Jade warming up


My Friends Rachel and Jade were lifting Sunday so I bummed a lift along to watch, support and take some photographs. We had a bit of a crew from Clonmel ;Rachel Connolly, Jade Kirwan with Darren Fehilly representing Phoenix and Luke Kelly representing Crossfit Tipperary. There were a lot of people competing, you had to lift in this comp to qualify for the Europeans so there was a bit of a buzz! Rachel was just using it as a training comp, as she is looking to lift for the under 23s in Europeans. To lift in that you had to take part in this but her actual qualifying comp isn’t until later in the year. Anne decided to sit this one out and chauffeur us! Happy days. The people competing were amazing, I honestly can’t believe how much they can lift, how fast they can get under the bar and also how well they work the lycra 😛 ive been very lazy lately and watching them all kick ass made sure I bought my gym membership again when I came home!


So this is more a post of the pics than a blog.. so people can get pics of themselves lifting!


Darren Setting up

Darren Setting up

The comp was on again in Capital weight lifting gym so excuse me if the photos are a bit of a repeat of the last Oly post. I took photos of everyone lifting this time instead of just the Clonmel crew. My Fuji and I are fighting..we were having some wars during the day.. its got loads of automatic settings that just don’t work with weightlifting! I wish I had my canon where I cud manually set everything in a simpler way 🙂 on the plus side I did find out loads of cool things that the camera does! I had to choose between life drawing and photography in college.. god how I wish I did both!! Well this has me decided I am definitely signing up for a photography course. A good photographer doesnt blame her tools so it’s all my bad and I cant wait to learn more!


Rachel mid Snatch

Rachel mid Snatch

…but…that’s why these photos are all a bit grainy dark and gritty.. not ideal. The painter in me kinda likes it though.. has a ‘fight club’ dirty gritty feel to it.Bit of texture in some..  Bright side eh 🙂 The gritty look is helped with the setting, as we were in a warehouse-esque freezing room for the day was fitting. If you are in these photos.. my apologies for the quality.. just you wait til im finished my course ye will look amazing in future posts 😛

I am saying a prayer future comps could be held somewhere with heating, ive only just got the heat back in my toes! 😛  If you do take the pics, please follow my blog or give my facebook page a like so you can catch the next batch 🙂

Also is it just me of is there a painting in some of the quick movements in this.. i really need to do some drawings of this. My life drawing session with Lisa of  Wellanicity has me seeing possibilities all around!

Cam x

Heres all the photos from the day.. Sorry there is so many!!!



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