Nosey Cow, Acylic on Canvas 20x24 SOLD

Nosey Cow, Acylic on Canvas 20×24 SOLD

Welcome to Art By Carmel Behan!

I hope I can help you create the perfect gift! There are loads of options to choose from, but if you have any special ideas we can work together to create the perfect piece 🙂 For ideas on what you can order check this out.

If you have any questions just get in touch 🙂

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About me

Thank you for taking the time to check my page out. I am an artist based in Clonmel in Co. Tipperary. I have an honours degree in Fine Art and Life Drawing from Crawford College of Art and Design (CIT). My main mediums aside from crafts are pencil, acrylic and watercolour. I have always had a great appreciation for bright colourful pieces of art.

You can usually tell my paintings as they are the ones who use every colour in the rainbow. This often means that I am painting fun playful things like animals,sweets and cupcakes that take pride of place in people’s kitchens or colourful bouquets of flowers that will brighten up a room in this dull Irish weather.

I love colour and making people smile, this love of fun pieces is also how I ended up getting into  caricatures and wedding guest boards.

Making little personalised mementos for people really makes me happy. If someone has to look at a painting everyday I want it to bring a little happiness into their lives and make them smile.

If you look at the Cow with the silly face and smile then my work is done! If you don’t smile at the cow… well then maybe the donkey is for you! 😛

Happy browsing and if you have any questions at all just let me know, comment or email,

Carmel x

Email: behancarmel@yahoo.ie


Instagram: @artbycarmelbehan

Twitter: @artbycarmelbehan




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